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How to make an etching

Etching is a printmaking technique that uses a corrosive liquid to etch lines in a metal printing plate which holds the applied ink and forms the image. Learn how to make your own etching with our how-to video. Created by Liverpool John Moores University Print Studio.

Discover a series of etchings in our Rembrandt in Print exhibition at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. Find out more:
Devin Michael Roberts : why do all of the wax and all that.. seems for how rough the drawings are in this it could have easily all been done just with dry point right? I think you are using a bunch of extra processes for no reason
Lay Yee Chua : it is really a tough job
Lay Yee Chua : this is how we etch
kar oma : Probably the most overrated, inefficient, and expensive forms of printing, and for that, as an engineer who spent a decade studying and working on making things as efficient as possible, i hate this with burning passion, probably more than that poor guys landlord hates him because he's an artist and is probably broke
cultclassic999 : It was delightful to see a traditional way of printmaking. Wonderful video.
BEARDED BEAST : thats just the stupidest kind of art ive seen in my life... those are some lazy artists
Glenfiddich101 : Hi I have previously tried copper sheet etching and although it did work, it wasn't brilliant, my process was similar to your's where I drew a design onto copper sheet which had first of all been scratched with steel wool, then I drew a design on to it using a permanent black ink marker pen, then it was put into a ferric chloride solution for an hour before being rinsed in a water bath with baking soda to stop the etching process. After it was dry I tried various inks on the few pieces which I had just etched but none of the inks worked, they just ran off the metal, I then applied my Sharpie permanent ink pen onto two of the pieces and then tried to wipe the ink back off, the results of the ink on the etched pieces was poor even though the etch itself was quite good.
I have to say at this point that I am NOT trying to use the etched piece to transfer to rollers for transfering onto paper, I am only etching copper sheet for designing copper jewellery but from what I can see, the process is the same.
In your tutorial I am puzzled as to what two things are ????? the first black stuff which you are applying to the metal what is it and where can I buy it ? (I'm in the UK too) 0:01 you refer to it as "Hard Dark" but I cannot quite make out the small print on the tin you are opening ??? and you say that it is a type of wax ground ??? it looks more like shoe polish straight out of the tin ??? and what is the solvent which you use to remove the acid ??
Your pieces look amazing
Best regards
Gustavo Montoya : thank you so much for the video it was lovely but seriously, that drawing that you used as an example was awful, I was expecting something more artistic
Buntownik Laska : Witam bardzo ładnie pokazane.Ciekawa technika. Pozdrawiam serdecznie Marek
Balint Honvari : very interesting

How to make a bird etching

How to make a drypoint etching of a bird
Pen Muni : 3:50 "Trump tweets target 'dishonest' Trudeau". For any other president, this would be a magnanimous scandal. Nowadays, it doesn't even make it to the front-page. Such are the times.
Dieuwke van Slooten : Hi Evan, i was wandering what kind of material you use?
Angel M :
Angel M : wow amazing love how you did the bird
Justina castillo : So is this also called print block etching?
Christine Hollamby : loved it thank you
EASTFIELD Films : This is amazing, I've never seen anything like it

Print making: etching

MA student of Printmaking Peter Wylie shows the traditional techniques of etching, using acid, smoke, rosin, plate and stylus. The process has been used by artists from Rembrandt and Goya to the present.

You can see etchings by Claes Oldenburg, Jasper Johns, Jim Dine and others in the exhibition:

The American Dream: pop to the present
9 March – 18 June 2017
Book now:

Sponsored by Morgan Stanley
Supported by the Terra Foundation for American Art

This film was made in collaboration with the printmaking tutors, technicians and students at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL.

Find out more about printmaking courses at UAL
Eirene e : Lovely video. With what you remove the ink from the plate before printing?
piyush das : Seriously a sad sad product by a 'MA' student...
pat condell : Awful stunted printmaking 'art'. He has the gall to mention Rembrandt and Goya yet cannot even draw.
Tove Durita Askham : It is exactly how most artists still make aquatint and etching. The result is beautiful. We can't all make rembrants and goyas, because that would be copying. If you want to see how it is made, look elsewhere for etching and aquatint.
Petr Frizen : The Plume! The plume was the most romantic segment of the presentation… But very interesting! Happy New 2018th Year! Many more creative etchings!
Fabrizio : The naïve romanticisation of the past never fails to make me chuckle. In the past, artists were doing this sort of doing out of necessity, not of love. These were the only means available to them. It seems to me pointless sentimentality to idealise these practices, and worse yet, dabble on them. From a historical perspective, it's worth to learn about it, but for nothing else.
Till Fischer : Thumbnail shows a penis
J D : One of the poorest videos made by the British Museum. I guess everyone has a "bad day". Need to learn to "explain and teach".
Neos Neos : That was a lot of effort for something I did in 20 minutes in high school a decade ago with better equipment and technology and got a much better finished piece. If this guy is paying for classes to do this, I recommend he look for a new teacher, because he's getting scammed.
Al : I find the end result terribly underwhelming. If I didn't know any better I would have thought it was a mistake or a disposable byproduct of something else.




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