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McIntosh MA230 integrated amplifier in the studio

McIntosh MA230 Integrated Amplifier in Studio
bang bang : Is the ma230 connected to the power amplifier? Sounds good
Chris Francis : how do you setup your youtube recordings? Specially the audio (mic?) and how it connects to everything else?
william grainger : how do I find the guy tin Tennessee that works on these?
Jeff Pontes : I had a 63 ma230 once upon a time. I miss that amp every time I listen to music
BrianV Portugal : What speakers are you using? The sound is wonderful! Unit is so easy to listen to , especially voice very musical.. I now want one.
BrianV Portugal : The ma230 sounds wonderful. How does it compare to the ma2505?

McIntosh MA-230 (1963-1966) - AWESOME Vintage Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier!

Born for the love of Music!
Milestone of the HiFi History.
Almost 50 years old and still shines as it was new.
Benchmark for all the rest, especially Japanese these days.
Still running on the original McIntosh (Westinghouse) tubes!
Sound quality is absolutely stunning, better than most of the stuff produced today!
FryChicken : I can see why tube amplifiers died out; That distortion is awful and can’t touch my solid-state amplifier
Fabien Eldridge : Super nice, I run a 2325 Marantz, klipsch horns.
Larkenfield : Sounds poor... nothing vibrant and alive. Something's wrong here..
David Berquist : Very nice for something 40 years old sounds great
mai trang ngo : Wa tuyệt vơi
bobbyearl60 : What a beauty
Joe Shmoe : It is good, One day hope you can afford Sansui.
Jerry Mungo : Wonderful.
NAKAMICHAEL : How did you get it not to pit on the chrome after 50 years? Looks fantastic. I'm jelly
tunnelportterror : ps- I hate to say this dude, but that sounds all rolled off. Where's the detail and separation ?

KEF 104/2 with McIntosh MA230 and Thorens TD-124

New-to-me KEF 104/2s. Ferrofluid and donuts replaced.

McIntosh MA 230 Tube integrated, Thorens TD-124, Denon DL103, Bobs Devices Sky 20




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